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Electric vehicles: Cores for complex cooling systems

Whether in pure electric cars or hybrid vehicles, alternative powertrains are increasingly gaining momentum. The electrification of vehicle powertrains, however, is inconceivable without an efficient heat management system.

All batteries and electric engines emit heat under power. The energy accumulator in the electric or hybrid vehicle is no exception. How well and evenly the electric powertrain is tempered, however, has a decisive influence on service life, performance and safety.
A highly complex core package, manufactured with HA binder systems, plays a key role in creating complex cooling systems for electric cars.

The challenges

  • To produce a fine honeycomb core as part of the complex core package
  • To reduce the tendency towards deformation during casting due to the fine structure
  • To guarantee the 100% removal of the sand from the fine casting

The solution

The use of a silicate Cold-Box binder system with both high thermal stability and optimal decomposition properties, combined with the application of the inorganic Cordis® binder system and special sands. In addition, given the fact that the required geometries cannot be created using conventional methods, cores are produced via the 3D printing process.

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