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First steps into the professional world

Completing a vocational training at HA in Germany means much more than just learning. We not only want you to gain a professional qualification. We want you to become a part of our HA family! We offer you comprehensive support and exciting extras like the trainee event week.

If you decide to train at Hüttenes-Albertus, you will gain an understanding of how a modern, international company works and operates in an industry that is not only exceptional but above all fascinating. Welcome to a new stage of life!

“A wide variety of assignments, exciting challenges and a great team – that’s what training at HA is all about. Together we will set the course for your professional future!”

- Sina Spreizer, Team Lead Education, HR Specialist


Vocational training

What professions do we train?

At HA in Germany we train several commercial and chemical professions. If you are interested in an apprenticeship with us, you can find the open training positions in our online application portal. If you need more information, please contact Ms Spreizer or have a look at our German language training page where the training offers are explained in more detail.


Everything about your application!


Tips for applying

Trainee Event Week

Eventful introduction days

The Trainee Event Week has a long tradition at HA and serves above all to make you feel “at home” in the company and help you get to know each other. To ensure that the trainees at our various locations grow together to form a well-coordinated team, the HA annual TraineeEvent Week takes place at a different location each year.

During a varied programme, our new traineestake part in team-building exercises, experience the use of our products live at one of our customers and get to know the production process of the host site, as well as its surroundings.


What were the introduction days 2019 like? The programme included archery, bowling and team-building workshops, which dealt with topics such as communication and interculturalism. After all, HA is not only an international group, HA in Germany alone employs people from 22 nations.

In addition, the HA Center of Competence provided insights into the practical side of things: when casting liquid metal, everyone experienced first-hand what a “hot” industry HA works for. At the 3D printing machine, people got a close look at the additive manufacturing of sand cores and saw for themselves that digitalisation is also a hot topic at HA.

The Trainee Event Days at HA will get your training off to the best possible start!


And what did our new trainees think of the event days?

Yannik Wolf: “What I particularly liked was the vibrant and fun atmosphere during the seminar on Thursday. I personally enjoyed it incredibly and, in my opinion, it really helped us bond. All in all, the trainee days were a good thing because they gave us the opportunity to talk to everyone and learn a lot about each other”.

Shari Omogada-Osagie: “What I most liked about the trainee days was the openness and friendliness of everyone involved. You felt welcome and comfortable right from the start! The cool activities like bowling or archery that we did during the three days were the icing on the cake. Besides fun and games, it was also great to get a glimpse into the CoC”.

Ernst-Gerhard Kapitza: “I enjoyed the trainee days very much, a good mixture of getting to know each other and being introduced to the company. I particularly enjoyed the archery on Friday!”


A network full of career opportunities

Hüttenes-Albertus is a member of ZUKUNFTINC. (German Website) – an initiative of ten international market leaders who have their headquarters in the Hanover region. We, as traditional companies and hidden champions, pool our experience, contacts and advantages. This creates professional perspectives for university and college students, school students and skilled workers in the Hanover region and in the worldwide network of member companies. ZUKUNFTINC. is a network full of professional opportunities.

Through joint activities, we offer school students, university and college students and skilled workers with different qualifications something very special – a promising career perspective in the Hanover region with all the opportunities offered by an international network of market leaders.

Future Day

Girls' and Boys' Days

Participation in Future Day is a tradition at HA. We are pleased to give school students an insight into our company and its various professions. In particular, we want to encourage young women to pursue careers in science and technology.

On Future Day, you can spend a whole day actively immersing yourself in the exciting world of foundry chemistry and not just watch from the sidelines, but get involved yourself. The programme includes, for example, experiments in the laboratory, building a solar-powered windmill or commissioning goods and raw materials. Take the opportunity to experience the working world in an industrial company!

► Girls' Day Website         ► Boys' Day Website (German Websites)

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