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Automated core production

Speed, precision and enhanced productivity – these are among the potential benefits automated technologies offer modern foundries. For the grey cast iron castings of thin-walled engine blocks, core packages with the finest cores are often produced in fully automated, robot-aided core shops.

HA develops binder systems, additives and coatings for automotive foundries that are specifically tailored to fulfil the unique requirements of automated core production processes.

Coatings for core package assembly and casting

When assembling the individual parts of coated core packages, foundries require coating properties that are, at first glance, contradictory:

  • The dimensional accuracy of the casting requires a thin layer of coating
  • The layer thickness of the coating needs to be uniform, independent of the height of the component
  • The coating needs to be thin, but it also needs to minimise veining and mineralization
  • The coating also needs to be highly gas permeable

The solution

In close collaboration with its customers, HA has developed optimised coatings especially for the automated core package process that satisfy all of these requirements.

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