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Gargi HA celebrates World Environment Day 2021 with many activities

The responsible treatment of our environment and natural resources is always in focus at the HA Group.  Environmental protection plays an important role for all our international subsidiaries. Gargi HA at our Indian site in Khopoli, for example, celebrates World Environment Day every year with numerous activities. The event not only creates greater awareness of the need to handle nature and our resources with care, but is also a great team event.

The motto of this year's World Environment Day at Gargi HA was "Preserving ecosystems". On June 5, employees received important information on the topics of protecting endangered animal and plant species and preserving habitats.

The team received practical tips on how to live more environmentally consciously: e.g., use alternative means of transport, avoid food waste, use water more economically or save energy at home and at work.

But in addition to theory, World Environment Day in Khopoli was again about practice: many interactive actions, such as the project "Trees for All" brought the entire Gargi HA team together. The employees planted numerous trees together. This was not only an important commitment to environmental protection, but also a great activity that provided a lot of fun for everyone.