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The iron casting applications of inorganic binders

Large numbers of automotive aluminium foundries in Germany have now adopted inorganic core-making processes. Around the world, industry-leading foundries are investigating the benefits of inorganic binders and the feasibility of replacing their existing manufacturing technologies. Iron foundries are also equally keen on using this environmentally-friendly technology in series production.

The challenge

The conditions in iron casting are basically completely different from those in aluminium casting. A key issue is the application of water-based coatings to inorganically bound cores.

The solution

HA has developed a patent-pending, water-based coating for the application of inorganics in iron casting. The coating fulfils all of the requirements of the casting process and final product: high dimensional accuracy and clean castings. With this advance, the use of inorganics in iron casting foundries has reached a new level.

Joint development

The partnership between HA and Brembo to develop an inorganic technology to produce cores for brake disc applications was a resounding success. The cores were manufactured under real-world conditions in the HA Center of Competence and casting was carried out under authentic industrial conditions in one of Brembo’s European foundries.

In order to ensure the project’s success, the partners agreed on a holistic approach with a key focus on process control and process parameters. The jointly developed solution comprised both the coating and a range of specially matched binder materials.

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