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Tele-feeders: maximum output, minimum cleaning

How tele-feeders work

The upper section of the two-part, exothermic tele-feeder acts as a buffer against the pressure exerted during the compaction of the moulding material by sliding – telescopically – over the lower part. This means that the lower section is practically not exposed to pressure, and therefore, to damage.

The benefits

Fluorine-free, exothermic feeder mass

  • Prevents graphite degeneration, eliminating the need for grinding allowances below the feeder
  • Due to their high-volume output, tele-feeders can be designed with a smaller footprint
  • Higher output

Small footprint
Tele-feeders can be positioned flexibly on the pattern. This enables a particularly precise and controlled feeding of the casting.

Reduced releasing and cleaning
Releasing and grinding work is significantly reduced due to their small, defined break-off point.

Customised service

Chemex offers its customers comprehensive, individual services and solutions. This is a world away from an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach. Chemex solutions are optimised for different, complex requirements at every stage of the casting process.

Feeders are individually designed for each application. The incredibly wide range of Chemex products guarantees an optimal solution for every customer.

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