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Made-to-measure surface structures with HA mould coatings

Bergmann Automotive GmbH manufactures structured cylinder liners using the centrifugal casting process. The structured liners, which have been tried and tested by many car engine manufacturers, form a strong bond with the surrounding casting material when they are cast into the engine block. A special HA mould coating plays an indispensable role in this process.

During the production of aluminium engine blocks, structured liners are cast in directly using the die casting process. The molten metal flows around the textured surface, filling cavities and undercuts, enabling the materials of both components – engine block and liner – to form an extremely strong and resilient bond. Another key advantage of structured liners is their large surface area, which improves heat conductivity from the combustion chamber to the engine water jacket.

The liner’s outer wall has a rough surface structure, which is created during the casting process and does not require any further machining.
The structure features depths of between 0.3mm and 1.1mm with or without undercuts, depending on the customer’s precise specifications.

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