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Kerphalite KF special sand in action

Complex castings, such as turbocharger housings, play a central role in the design of modern high-performance engines. Thanks to its high temperature load strength and strong resistance to metal penetration,  Kerphalite KF special sand has proven itself suitable for these types of applications in many foundries.

The properties of Kerphalite KF cores

When using Kerphalite as a moulding material, foundries benefit from cores with the lowest thermal expansion and the highest surface quality that can withstand high casting temperatures, even in the most critical areas. Kerphalite guarantees a dense mould surface and effectively counteracts the penetration of liquid metal.

Typical applications

Kerphalite has a wide range of potential applications:

  • Cores for spiral turbocharger housings
  • Canal and water jacket cores for cylinders and cylinder heads
  • Subsections of the water jacket core
  • Cores for hydraulic valve housings

The areas of application may be varied, but the goal is always the same: fine, thin-walled and dimensionally accurate castings with flawless surfaces.

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