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Hand moulding: Rotor hubs for wind turbines

Rotor hubs are one of the key components in any wind turbine. As part of the drivetrain, the rotor hub connects the rotor blades to the turbine and weighs up to 22 tons. Enercon. a customer of HA, manufactures its rotor hubs using spheroidal graphite cast iron in the Enercon foundry in Georgsheil, Germany.

Custom coating, adapted to meet our customer’s specific requirements

Enercon uses the benefits provided by a low-sulphur HA furan resin binder system.
Special ingredients make the resin particularly reactive, which allows a reduction of the sulphur content in the acid catalyst. A higher sulphur content has a number of disadvantages, including that it can lead to a degeneration of nodular graphite. This results in a deterioration of the surface quality, and thus requires more stock allowance and more reworking.
The low-sulphur furan resin binder system delivers significantly better surfaces.
In addition, the special system requires less binder, thereby guaranteeing lower emissions during casting. Less sulphur accumulates in the moulding sand, which means the regenerated sand can remain in the material cycle longer, reducing the need for new sand.

For Enercon, a customised coating was developed to fulfil all of the company’s specific requirements.

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