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Casting robot arms with HA’s binder system

In state-of-the-art foundries around the world, robots are integral features of highly efficient production lines. They perform a wide variety of operations, including assembling core packages and applying coatings. Conversely, robot arms themselves are also high-quality cast products. Some companies casting, among others, for KUKA, one of the world’s leading automation companies, opt for HA’s Carbophen binder system.

Carbophen, a resole-CO2 process

The resole-CO2 process is an established alternative to PUCB binder systems for certain applications. To cure the resole resin, the sand binder mixture is gassed with carbon dioxide (CO2). The resin does not contain any nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorus. During curing, odour emissions are minimal. An amine washer is not required.

New product generation with optimised properties

Thanks to intensive development work, HA offers a new product generation with optimised properties. Initial challenges related to flowability, immediate strength, storage stability of the cores and core removal have all been eliminated. The prerequisites for a wider range of applications are thus met and even finest cores can now be produced and stored without any problems using the Carbophen binder system.

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