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Binder and coating solutions for marine diesel engines

The days when ships’ engines could belch nitrogen and sulphur oxides unhindered into the atmosphere are over. New laws have introduced ever stricter emission limits. Shipping companies, however, are reluctant to do without large container and cruise ships. Modern ships need powerful propulsion systems with high energy efficiency and long service lives. The production of high-precision castings for large engines is primarily done by hand.

Casting challenges

The larger an engine block, the more difficult it is to maintain the dimensional accuracy of cores and moulds within specified tolerances. And, in order to produce the optimum casting, foundries need to make sure that the specified dimensions are precisely maintained. In addition, large cores, which are inserted with the help of a crane, are difficult to handle. It is certainly not easy to make fine adjustments. Moreover, the moulds are subject to high thermal loads because, given their size, they take much longer to cool than smaller castings.
All of this means that the moulding materials need to fulfil special requirements in terms of strength and elasticity.

Overcoming these challenges and producing the perfect castings every time requires special foundry know-how.


The solution: HA binders and coatings

HA’s furan resin binder system has optimised properties and offers the ideal solution for complex marine engine casting processes.

The binder system is highly elastic during moulding. In addition, only a low binder share is required to achieve the desired strength.

As an added benefit, HA’s special binder system also guarantees a low-emission casting process.

Highly refractory, zirconium-free coating

The HA coating is easy to work with, even with large castings, and contains high-quality refractory materials to protect the cores. By using the HA coating, foundries can also guarantee uniform layering during flooding. The coating also exhibits excellent flow behaviour – without any “runs” and “sags” – and is highly resistant to expansion defects and penetration.

The final results: smooth surfaces and perfect castings.

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