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Sustainability through recycling

Versatility of No-Bake binder systems

The wind turbine hub is a perfect example of special requirements in the no bake process. On the one hand, a thin wall has to be realized to save weight. On the other hand, the avoidance of graphite degeneration up to the casting edge zone as well as high mechanical characteristic values in a homogeneous component must be taken into account.

The Enercon EP 5 rotor hub from the Meuselwitz Guss foundry shows that there is also a sustainable cycle behind the component of a wind turbine for regenerative energies. The sulfur-reduced furan resin binder systems from Hüttenes-Albertus ensure an optimum surface finish with reduced binder addition. Fewer emissions are produced during casting and the cycle of regenerated sand is optimized, which also successfully reduces the supply of new sand.



Specific furan resin binder system from Hüttenes-Albertus:

  • Low binder addition
  • Good positional stability
  • Low gas potential
  • Very good regenerability, both mechanically and thermally
  • Low emissions during mixing, molding and casting
  • BTEX and sulfur reduced

Technological data on the Enercon hub:

  • One of the most economical and best-selling windmills
  • Supplies approx. 20,000 MWh per year at average wind speed
  • Supplies 4,000 households per year, with an average consumption of 5,000 kWh (4 person household)

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