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Shot Blasting

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting is an abrasive material that is used in various surface treatments and / or cleaning applications, as well as for cutting granite blocks.

HA Ilarduya commericialize its high carbon shot blasting under the brand name Sigma®.

Main uses of shot blasting

Casting surface cleaning

In foundry, shot is used mainly to clean parts and dies. The sand used during the production process is compacted and strongly adhered to the piece and the dies, so blasting is used to detach it quickly and efficiently. It is an ideal cost-benefit system that achieves an unbeatable appearance and finish to the pieces.

Surface preparation

Likewise, it is used for surface preparation, for which the shot is projected by means of a pressure jet on the pieces. Thanks to this blasting process, the piece is left free of any imperfection (such as rust, etc.), even giving a degree of roughness to the surface if necessary, leaving the material thus prepared for subsequent treatments.

Shot Peening

Shot Peening is a process conceived to increase the resistance to fatigue of the material, which consequently allows to increase the life cycle of the parts, as well as their load capacity.

This treatment consists of exposing the metal surface to a high speed shot blast, which allows converting the residual tensile stresses generated by treatments such as milling, bending or heat treatment into compression stresses.

Stone Cutting

Finally, the shot has been used to cut the granite blocks that are extracted from the quarries.

A shot blasting for every need

Steel Shot

Spherical shaped product made of carbon steel and thermally treated providing 45 Rockwell C Hardness.

It is used in steel structures and castings impact cleaning works and in surface cold treatments known as shot peening to increase fatigue strength.

HA Ilarduya provides a wide range of steel shot sizes depending on specific needs and uses. 

Steel Grit

Steel grit is a carbon steel angular product obtained from shot crushing in special roll mills and available in 4 hardness grades.

It is used in surface rapid cleaning (due to its combined impact and cutting effect), to provide surface roughness (pieces to be enamelled or painted) or for special hardness pieces shot peening like etching cold rolls.

Cut Wire

A type of shot obtained from high strength wire (>170 kg/mm2) cut into small pieces.

Cut wire media does not generate dust and blasted surface is more polished and favours further coatings adherence.

Carbon steel (0,40 to 2,00 mm) and stainless steel (1,20 and 1,80 mm) types available.

Cut wire media is used in any shot blasting process, specially in surface cleaning with special low adherence or dust generation features.

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