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Other auxiliary foundry materials

Adhesives for the foundry industry

Hüttenes-Albertus has been supplying foundries with a wide variety of adhesives for many years. These are adhesives for cold and hot curing applications, as well as for curing in the microwave.

In the field of cold and microwave curing, adhesives are mainly used, the main components of which are special water glasses and inorganic fillers. As a result, these adhesives release almost no gases when heated and are therefore preferably used for bonding critical core packages.

A wide range of adhesives with different properties is also available for special applications. For example, materials in the form of flakes for application over larger dosing tanks are a completely new addition to the product range.

Another current project is the development of a special hot melt adhesive for the lost foam process.


Glue applicators and sticks

Numerous qualities are also available in the form of sticks, which can be applied with the aid of suitable applicators. The air-operated applicator shown here has a storage magazine for quick change of the sticks.

A wide variety of applicators are available for the respective application.


HA-adhesive assortment

Hot-melt adhesive

Adhesive based on polysaccharides, curing by oven drying, especially for hot box and cold box moulding materials in use.


Cold-melt adhesive

Adhesive on the basis of water glass in different viscosities, universally applicable, curing in air, to accelerate by heating.


Cold-adhesive 5988 R                                                                                      

Special adhesive on the basis of an aqueous styrene acrylic dispersion, which develops a high adhesive power by removing water. Suitable for cold bonding of polystirol foam model and mould parts, is used for the lost foam process and full mould casting.


Mask adhesive

Adhesive based on thermally curing synthetic resins, curing reaction similar to that of the mask moulding process, especially suitable for hot-curing moulding processes (hot box, mask moulding process).


Microwave adhesive

Special adhesives for mechanical adhesive application with subsequent microwave curing.



Adhesives that cure quickly due to low-volatile solvents.



Hot melt adhesive for assembly purposes, special sealing compounds.




Parting Agents


Parting Agents for the foundry industry

Parting agents are used to facilitate the moulding process significantly by effectively reducing the adhesive forces that hold the mould or core to the pattern/corebox. This simplifies the manufacture of sound moulds and cores and protects the corebox.

HA offers highly effective parting agents for all mould and core making processes:

  • bentonite-bonded green sand
  • acid curing phenolic and furan resin moulding sand
  • ester curing phenolic resins (e.g. Alpha-Set process) 
  • inorganic binder systems
  • gas curing moulding materials (Cold-Box, Beta Set, waterglass-CO2 and ester processes)
  • moulding sands cured in hot coreboxes (Hot-Box and Shell Moulding process)


Continuous development through strong cooperation

For several years, Hüttenes-Albertus has been developing foundry release agents in close collaboration with the Bremen-based company ACMOS, a leading manufacturer of release materials for all branches of industry. ACMOS is mainly responsible for production. Both companies have been working very closely together for many years in the field of product development, which has resulted in a portfolio that offers a suitable release agent for almost every application.

The range of products extends from

    • solvent-based products in combination with special polysiloxanes, waxes, or other “parting” substances, and
    • water-based special emulsions, to
    • special parting lacquers with properties that prevent buildup of sand in critical areas, even under extreme mechanical stress conditions. 

    These special release coatings include, for example, the liquid one-part paint system ACMOScoat, which reacts when exposed to atmospheric humidity to form a special coating and an extremely adhesive release film with excellent sliding properties. This means, for example, that the cleaning intervals of the problematic zones in the insertion area of core boxes can be significantly extended.

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