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The resole CO2 process was developed in the 1990s to provide an alternative for foundries that had previously worked with the water glass COprocess. Hüttenes-Albertus offers these products under the Carbophen brand name.

Emission-reduced hybrid

Carbophen is an innovative, single-component binder for the production of core sand and is cured with CO2. Due to its high proportion of inorganic components, the binder can be regarded as a hybrid between the classic organic and the new inorganic binder systems. Cores produced using Carbophen are applied in steel, grey and aluminium castings. The resulting castings are used in all areas of technology.

The strengths of Carbophen

  • only a single component is metered
  • no scrubber is required
  • the resin contains no nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorus
  • Suitable for most existing core shooting machines and core boxes
  • no glossy carbon is formed
  • no finning tendency exists
  • low BTX emissions
  • low odour nuisance outside the foundry


The perfect formula for robot arms

As with many other industries, robots have become integral features of state-of-the-art factories around the world.

As precisely as they are able to support operations, they are themselves the result of precise and complex manufacturing. They consist of cast parts that are produced in a series of special processes.

In close cooperation with one of our customers, Hüttenes-Albertus has developed the perfect Carbophen-based process for casting KUKA robot arms.

A real success story.

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