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Ideas for our future

Every single day in our laboratories and application technology teams, we strive to provide answers to the pressing questions of our time:

What can we, the players in the field of foundry chemistry, do to sustainably protect our environment? Which new processes and techniques offer the greatest productivity and stability? How can we support foundries that are exposed to the challenges of strong global competition and sustained pressure to innovate?

“With a consistent focus on the needs of our customers, an emphasis on sustainability and a highly motivated team – these are the building blocks of research at HA.”


- Dr. Michael Arndt-Rosenau - Vice President Global Research and Development

Hand in Hand

We bring theory and practice together

Innovation should not stop at the laboratory door. Innovation must be tested and rolled out in the real world, where the products are used.
Our practical successes are testament to the strength of our research and development – not over months and years, but over decades.
What’s our recipe for success?

We draw on the knowledge and creativity of our employees, give them the best research and testing conditions and cultivate a spirit of openness and curiosity to develop solutions together with our customers – that is what it’s all about.

HAnd in HAnd


Partnerships and cooperation

Partnerships and cooperation

How can suppliers and foundrymen drive technological innovation together?

For many years Hüttenes-Albertus has relied upon open and trusting cooperation with foundry customers and other partners from industry and research:

  • Machine manufacturers
  • Toolmakers
  • Universities
  • Research institutes

The HA Center of Competence is a unique cooperation platform that brings together stakeholders from across the foundry industry and beyond.

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