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The roots of our company date back to more than 70 years ago.

Our company was founded in 1946 and was called SATEF at the beginning (sand and ground for foundry). It began its activity operating in the sector of extraction and manufacturing of sand and ground for cast iron and steel foundries, in partnership with De Righetti e Filè, a trading company located in Milan , active in the sector since 1924 for the sale of raw materials and auxiliary products.

The industrial activity was soon extended to the entire range of foundry products, thus allowing a significant growth of the company dimensions.

In 1974 Satef joined the Hüttenes Albertus Group, becoming Satef Huttenes Albertus S.p.A. and in 1977 the company moved in the industrial area of Vicenza.

In the 1980s Satef-HA decided to expand its operational strategy further, acquiring a majority share in IMIC and SIDERSABBIE.

With IMIC, active since 1954 and operating on two plants, one in Arcore (MB) and one in Silvano Pietra (PV), Satef acquires the leading company in Italy in the sector of pre-coated sands, fine siliceous sands and the production of bentonites, black minerals and premixes. Later, through a partnership with Sidersabbie in 1985, the group enriches its know-how and confirms its presence on the Italian territory thanks to an artisan company in the Modena area, a producer of pre-coated sand, which was committed to the technical improvement of its products since 1964.

Hüttenes Albertus Group

After 70 years of business and a long partnership with the German group, the negotiations between Hüttenes Albertus and the Italian members of Satef-HA are concluded on 25th January 2016.

Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH acquires 100% of Satef-HA SpA in Vicenza. As a world leader among suppliers of chemicals to the foundry industry, the acquisition allows the group to further expand its position on the European market.

In 2017, Satef Hüttenes Albertus S.p.A. takes a further step forward, reinforcing HA image on the Italian market and, at the same time, making its structure more simple. On 31st December 2017, Imic and Sidersabbie merged with Satef Hüttenes Albertus, creating a single company.

As a result of this operation, SATEF Hüttenes Albertus S.p.A. becomes the only company in Italy that can offer its customers the full range of HA products.

On the 29th of June 2018, a new negotiation is concluded, which marks a further and important milestone in the overall growth strategy of HA: Italy acquires Mazzon. Two strong and well-known companies for their exceptional technological expertise, combine their efforts with the goal of working together to meet customer satisfaction, offering an ever wider portfolio, including products for construction industry and for road industry.

Finally, in 2019, HA Italia and Mazzon merged into one company and became HA Italia S.p.A.








Today for tomorrow

The company’s 1,800 employees are dedicated to providing our customers around the world with expert advice and support. Systematic expansion builds on existing business to strengthen the leading position of Hüttenes-Albertus in the global foundry markets.

Standing still means falling behind. At HA, we combine tradition with innovation. We learned from our founding fathers that innovation is the decisive driving force. Therefore,  we constantly continue to refine and improve our products and solutions. With such strong and stable roots, we are able to look beyond the horizon as we strive to innovate, add value for our customers and protect the environment.

The company achieved two significant milestones in late 2017 with the inauguration of two innovation hubs, the HA Center of Competence (CoC) and a new laboratory in the Hanover region. Hüttenes-Albertus aspires to be the world’s most innovative foundry chemistry company and fully recognises the importance of innovation as one of the key factors for maintaining a competitive advantage.