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Who we are

HA Italia is a point of reference in the field of chemicals for the building industry. One of the company's main activities is the production of liquid waterproofing products, adhesives, sealants, paints and primers for companies in the construction, civil and industrial sectors.
We have a wide range of products, specifically designed for companies producing bitumen-polymer membranes, large distribution chains and retailers of products for the construction industry, engineering design offices, companies specialised in building products and waterproofing contractors.
Research and development are the cornerstones of our corporate policy, our main objective is customer satisfaction. This is why we are committed to customising each product to meet the needs of our clients.
Every year we plan large investments to be at the cutting edge on the market, respond to new emerging technologies and support the growth and continuous innovation of our customers.


Our primers

Fixative and anti-dust primers, formulated with bitumen or synthetic resins; available on solvent or water basis, they are used:

  • As priming coat on concrete structures like road bridges, bridges, foundation walls, coverings of civil and industrial buildings to promote adhesion and grant a good grip of polymer bitumen membranes for hot flame or cold laying applications, and of sealing made with liquid bituminous membranes;
  • As waterproofing paint on concrete foundation walls;
  • As fixing primer reinforcing cement, wooden and metal surfaces, membranes or tiles polymer bitumen with slate finishing and asbestos-cement surfaces;
  • To block the effects of dust and minimize concrete surfaces porosity.

see our primers technical sheets

Our membranes

Protective and decorative waterproofing liquid products, formulated with bitumen or synthetic resins; available on solvent or water basis, they are used to:

  • Waterproof when the application of bituminous membranes in rolls is difficult;
  • Cover and waterproof floors, walkways, balconies, terraces, old bituminous surfaces, bathrooms and saunas floors, tiles, sheet coverings and grounded walls;
  • Create a waterproofing and bonding primer for subsequent bonding of tiles with the appropriate cementitious adhesives;
  • Make an encapsulating cover for the consolidation of asbestos cement sheets;
  • Level and waterproof plasters with micro-cracks.

see our membranes technical sheets

Our paints

Protective and decorative products for coating, formulated with bitumen or synthetic resins. They are available with solvent or water basis, and are used to:

  • Protect and decorate bitumen membranes and bitumen corrugate panels, waterproofing works with hot- or cold-applied bitumen, unfinished or plastered walls, surfaces made of concrete, fibre-cement, wood, metal, plaster, shingles and roof tiles, road surfaces;
  • Improve thermal insulation creating a highly reflective shield against UV rays;
  • Improve the appearance, reduce the roughness of the surface, restore the colouring of old surfaces and flooring;
  • Reduce the energy consumption of summer air conditioning;
  • Improve the performance and efficiency of photovoltaic panels;
  • Extend the life of the treated surfaces.

see our paints technical sheets

Our adhesives and sealants

Adhesives, sealants and glues formulated with bitumen or synthetic resins; available on solvent or water basis, they are used to:

  • Seal chimneys, skylights, joints, TPE aerators, flashings and antennas;
  • Glue bituminous membranes; glue the overlapping parts of bitumen-polymer membranes and the vertical parts of the roof;
  • Repair damaged bitumen membranes;
  • Bond insulation panels;
  • Seal cracks and joints on road asphalt and concrete;
  • Fix metal covering on concrete, walls, natural and artificial stone, wood;
  • Repair concrete and walls; fill in joints, cracks and pores;
  • Waterproof joints;
  • Glue road signs.

see our adhesives and sealants technical sheets

Our complementary products

Special products and additives used in the building industry with specific functions of:

  • Transparent or coloured waterproofing agent; water-repellent  for absorbent mineral substrates;
  • Chemical barrier for walls to prevent damp rising;
  • Consolidating transparent water-repellent protective product for walls and natural stones;
  • Transparent impregnating anti-saline product;
  • Solid oxidised bitumen;
  • Bituminous emulsion;
  • Multi-purpose diluent;
  • Liquid additive for mortars and expandable micro-concretes.

see our complementary products technical sheets



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