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Resins for special applications

Our Liquid and powder resins are used for the production of materials that are suitable both for the industrial sector and for private use.  

We are present in this market since 50 years, this sector is extremely dynamic and constantly requires higher performances, a special attention towards ecology, quality consistency and flexibility in the production process.

Since the needs of our customers are our most important value, we provide since ever a prompt and accurate sales and technical assistance and as a result, we always create taylor-made products.



We have a wide range of resins available, in order to satisfy every type of production requirement. Powder resins, water-based or alcohol based liquid phenolic resins, urea resins, fluxing additives, colours, acids.

With our products we try to combine stability and quality consistency with the lowest impact on the environment. This is a complex sector, that comprehends resins for:

  • Diamond tools
  • Rigid abrasives
  • Flexible abrasives
  • Abrasive sponges
  • Abrasives for marble
  • Additives

Reinforcement nets for grinding wheels

Our solvent based phenolic resins are suitable for the impregnation of woven glass fabrics, nets, that are used to reinforce grinding wheels and disks.  

We have ready to use resins with a content of free formaldehyde inferior to 0,1%. These plastic coated resins with high penetrabillity lends the reinforcing nets an increased wet strenght compared to conventional products on the market.

Many different types are available in our product portfolio, according to the specific requirements of every customer.


Glass fibers nets for the filtration of aluminum

Our water-based phenolic resins have a low impact on the environment. They are suitable for the impregnation of glass fibre textiles.

Once the resin si completely polymerized in specific ovens, it lends the glass fiber nets usability and structure.

Impregnation / Laminates / Pre-pregs

Our water or alcohol-based phenolic resins together with a wide range of catalysts and additives are suitable for the production of handcrafts, laminates, pre-pregs and very complex composites with high mechanical, dielectric, chemical strenghts, and high weather resistance. 

Our products are applied in many different market segments, such as automotive railway sector, naval sector, construction and many other specific sectors. 

We produce resins suitable for the impregnation of:   

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Cotton
  • Kevlar
  • Graphite
  • Paper
  • Carbon

Sleeves for foundry

Our binding system is composed of a water based phenolic resins, powder resins and inert materials. This mixture allows to produce sleeves for foundry by means of hot moulding processes.



Our phenolic resin in water solution are suitable as binders in the production of rockwool rolls (construction field) or fiberglass (automotive).

Our resins, additives and catalysts are used in the production of closed and open cells insulating foam, that it is possible to enrich with organic or inorganic materials, and the production can be done with a continuous or a discountinuous process.  

Our products are applied in automotive, railway, naval and construction sectors.

We offer also some gluing products completely based on inorganic materials.

  • Sound-absorbing systems of car mufflers
  • Phenolic foam for insulation
  • Rehabilitation of flue pipes (civil sector)
  • Rockwool


Open cell foam is obtained through the expansion of our phenolic resin and shows excellent mechanical strenghts both when it is wet and when it is dry and shows a very huge absorbtion capacity of water. With a foaming agent, a catalyst and a cell regulator it is possible to produce foam with density from 18 up to 26 kg/m2.    

Our resin lends the foam a green color, stability and constant absorption capacity.

We offer varied products in relation to required reactivity and with a special attention on the free formaldehyde content.

Download our Catalogue Speciality Chemicals (ITA-EN)

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