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Research all over the world

Innovations seldom happen by accident – in most cases, they are the product of a great deal of hard work, expertise and experience. As a global company with customers all around the world, we rely on a multicultural team and a network of global research hubs. Because we know: every innovation and technological advance is only successful if it benefits our customers – regardless of borders or regions.

More than 150 industry-leading scientists and specialists work across the HA Group to develop innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for foundries.

Our international research centres




research centres worldwide



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Research in Germany

Our new research and development laboratory in Hanover opened in late 2017 and offers more than 2,500 square meters of space for:

  • basic research,
  • application development,
  • and analytics.

We have created an ideal, state-of-the-art environment for our 50-strong, highly qualified R&D team to carry out research, conduct experiments and exchange ideas in a spirit of creativity and intensive collaboration.

All around the world, our specialists work together in interdisciplinary teams. The heart of our global network is in Hanover, where our R&D teams come together to pool their research and innovations.


Ideal environment for more than 50 highly qualified researchers and developers

Research centre, Hanover

Research all over the world

We are currently actively researching at 9 locations around the world. In addition to developing technological advances for customers in their region, each research centre has its own special research focus.

Our Global Technology Leads work worldwide to make sure that insights and discoveries are shared between each of our research units on a regular basis.


In addition to Germany, we have 4 other research centres in Europe.



In Asia, we have teams coming from China, India, Japan and South Korea.



In the Americas, we have research centres in USA and Brazil.