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Inorganics for any climate: HA’s flexible 3K system

Inorganic binder systems are by now used in many automotive aluminium foundries and deliver both cost-effective and high-quality castings. However, a great deal of exciting potential remains.

The challenge

One of the challenges still facing inorganic binders is their storage stability under demanding climatic conditions (i.e. humid and warm environments). Given the hydrophilic properties of inorganically bound cores, they tend to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and thus become unstable.

The solution

HA’s patented Cordis 3K system meets the challenge. The additives that improve storage stability are not added to the Cordis silicate solution ex works, but are mixed according to the climatic conditions on-site by the customer before being added to the sand.

Different variants are designed to withstand different climatic conditions: a “Summer” version for storage in >80% humidity and a “Winter” version for low humidity regions.

The benefits

HA’s Cordis is a high-performance binder system that is perfectly adaptable to a variety of climatic conditions. Cordis’s low moisture absorption properties and enhanced storage stability mean that fewer gas defects occur when water vapour is emitted during casting. Further benefits of HA’s inorganic binder system include:

  • reduced deformation tendency
  • enhanced storage stability

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